Mexican Saturday this week…

I normally cook a lot of Italian of French inspired dishes. Given my lack of knowledge on various spices I simply do not have a good feel for it yet when it comes to Central or Eastern Asia regional food. Neither, I have a good feel for Southern American and African food even though I am always so overtaken by smells any time I passed by kiosk in a street market that serves authentic African stews…

Keeping up with my newly Saturday cooking tradition, this week I was trying to find something different. I came across interesting Ottolenghi recipe for chicken and chocolate aka Mexican style sauce. I normally avoid Ottolenghi too but always inspired by his recipes and images of his food 🙂 Till only recently I started to feel comfortable looking at a little bit more consuming recipes that may require a handful of special ingredients…so, here we go for this week.

Taco cups with beef

Since I picked a sort of Mexican theme, I also located interesting idea for a starter known as taco cups. I had a bit of mince beef in my fridge that I cooked with a bit of tomatoes and taco style spice. I then placed it with a bit of cheese into little envelopes made of pastry I got from Asian shop (traditionally designed for spring rolls) but in fact perfect for mini pockets that you can stuff with whatever you like.

During my shopping, I also have been fortunate to check out for the first time our local wine shop, Chapel Street Wine in Lancaster. Unusually, those who run the shop have quite a special love for Italian wine, as I do 🙂 They recommended to pair my chicken with a bit of Nero D’Avola which indeed was an excellent choice.

So, here we are. Chicken actually was quite easy to make. Food processor is required to make the marinade and few special ingredients like dry chipotle chillies, cinnamon and a wee bit of dark chocolate. Also a little bit of prep with roasting/grilling peppers that I put in straight away and whiles those were cooking focused on the starter. It worthy the effort though, as the taste that coats the meat and potatoes does resemble a bit of sharp dark sweet taste and nicely both sweet, savour and spicy. Husband loved it so another success and less fear now when I am checking out Ottolenghi’s recipes.

Here it is, enough to two dinners 🙂

Hope you may try this one too!