Autumn’s cold and soups…

Autumn means rain, cold, soaked jumpers and shoes…but also for me, turns out, it means more enjoyable moments in the kitchen. In summer I pause for cooking adventures, its hot and I am not interested to heat myself up in the kitchen even further! … but, autumn…

I came across Nordic Soup recipe in the magazine I recently discovered called ‘Oh’. The magazine itself is made for women but I think it can be read by anyone really who wants a minute of calm to look after yourself, mind, tummy and appreciate life a little more… The soup is beautiful to appreciate all the seasonal harvest of root vegetables, potatoes and beautiful leaks. Smell of freshly cut leaks…mmm…for more authentic experience, the recipe recommends to cook a soup outdoors on a fire.

Lancaster in autumn can be quite wet but that is not an excuse I thought to miss a lovely walk outdoors followed by cooking of a warm bowl of soup afterwards.

I am yet to cook even more today recreating some Sicilian food we discovered on our last trip…

Williamson Park
Welcoming Autumn…

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