Cup of espresso

Keep up with your cup that keeps you up all morning. Cup of freshly made espresso is a little more than just a treat. It is memories. Memories of first Italian home I stayed in, seeing a family that shares that cup in the morning to start a day. Remembering Saturday where husband woken up earlier to make a fresh cup of espresso to then take to his wife and laugh a little in their bedroom. Me, in my pyjamas, sneaking into the kitchen to get a glass of water and see them. First cup in the morning in Venice during a conference trip. Early walk, before tourist crowds arrive, coffee at 8am together with those who are off to work. Fresh cup of espresso in the airport before taking a plane back, in the station between our journey’s legs in Sicily. One cup in a holiday home on a first morning of our stay. Or, after dinner, whilst getting gelato after burning our faces in the sun, a little cup to wake up.
Cup of espresso back home in the UK, never tasted the same as in Italy. So, we opt for cappuccino or latte because that is what works here. When I was making coffees in coffee shop, no one could drink espresso hence we did not know that our coffee was tasting not right. Milk can hide imperfection I then thought. This year, we have a cup of espresso at home. It is bitter but fresh. It is a ritual to start a day, to meet in the kitchen and make a coffee, to talk how sleep has been, what we are up to today. It is as special as the one in those endless memories, taking one back to Italian coffee bar, a moment to pause, never to take away, stand there and be with others while drinking your cup…

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